A popular dating app touted to have many available folks who look very successful and well-adjusted on the surface but who are in fact psychologically unhinged.
Yes, I met him through Unhinge, just shortly before the restraining order was upheld in court and then relocating to a women’s shelter in another state!
by Dr Bunnygirl June 17, 2021
crazy, insane, psychotic, confused; a basketcase. not attached where it really counts, much like a door.
this bitch is obviously unhinged.
by jon January 10, 2005
The act of an individual or a group of individuals taking unreasonably aggressive amounts of action to reach a pinnacle state.
Things are going to get totally fucking unhinged today.

This week was completely unhinged.
by Danimal201 April 1, 2019
A book by Caite Kelly published in 2013. It's a story about a teenager (the author) growing up in today's society and her run-in with suicide. Not your average, depressing story, though it is extremely raw and real, Unhinged helps suicidal teenagers find a way out and helps friends and families to understand what's going on.
Unlike other books of its kind, Caite actually put journal entries from her suicidal days into the novel to help the reader really get into the mind of a lost teen struggling to find her way. She even included her suicide note.
If you like books that make you cry and give you hope at the same time, Unhinged is one of the jems that will do it for you.
teengirl1: Dude, have you read Unhinged?
teengirl2: Yeah. I can't believe someone was brave enough to write those things about herself.

mom1: I just bought Unhinged.
mom2: Oh, you'll love it. It'll hurt to read, but you'll remember so much about your childhood and maybe find a new way to help your daughter, too.
by watchfuleye May 28, 2013
a term tumblr girls used to define themselves. mad, insane, mentally unstable, psychotic
the unhinged girl urge to commit arson tonight
by yelenabelova December 21, 2021
crazy cool...a little crazy but entirely awesome at the same time.
John: Man, I've never seen a party like this before.

Peter: Yeah bro, I'm so happy my parents left so we could use their house to throw this party!
John: Fosho, thanks! Oh man now there are two chicks making out on top of a beer pong game! This party is unhinged!
by Bearclaw611 August 13, 2013