Typing understanding but your brain doesn't work so it comes out as "Understandment"
Yes I heard what you said I apologize Harry's mother I didn't mean to offend anyone and I hope we can make an understandment
by Memes are stupid July 30, 2018
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Understanding someone in a type of way that makes you try to understand it again.
Skeppy: "I need some understandment of what we are doing"
MegaPVP: "We are doing a 1v1"
by AutoHCF May 21, 2020
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"We had an unspoken understandment of how the rotation for who rode shotgun works."
by Mav1101 February 28, 2012
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This is the main objective of both sides of every story. Each story shall equally be relevant and important. Understanding is imperative, one shall not be allowed to step on another as he or she pleases and get away with it. It doesn't matter who was right, or wrong. The main objective today is understanding. We are imperfectly made, but our God given strength is understanding, love.
If both of you come to an understanding, both shall be at peace. Fighting, revenge, bickering, provoking violence and anger will not work. Adding fuel to fire isn't favorable.

Do not let yourself be trapped in misunderstandings and hate.
by YouAreAtWarWithYourMind March 8, 2013
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The word you get hit with when you’re in the friend zone
Person 1: I really care about you and i don’t wanna see you get hurt 😢

Person 2: Understandable
by 50zMon007 May 26, 2020
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A word that is used when replying to text messages that you really have no comment. Also used in situations when anger is not an option. When, you have anger but want to use one word to describe how you feel, you can use this word. Understandable stops problems immediately with the other person.

Also, this word makes people feel comfortable. ONE SIMPLE WORD MAKES SUCH A DIFFERENCE.
(customer) "I want to return this expired chicken! It was expired two days ago!!!! "

(cashier) " You bought this four weeks ago..."

(customer) " But it is expired!!! I need to return it"

(cashier) "understandable...."

**customer smiles and walks away, with expired chicken

by MartNad February 13, 2010
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