Uncle Bill once said, "The only time Richard Nixon ever told the truth was when he called J Edgar Hoover a cocksucker!"
by NakedLunchMunch June 26, 2005
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Alcoholic Beverage dedicated to Uncle Bill from the film "American Movie"

Peppermint Schnapps, Sprite and ice... two great gobs of it.
Mark: You thirsty? Want something to drink?
Bill: Yeah...schnapps...with sprite, and ice...two great gobs of it.
Mark: Alright, Uncle Bill.
by jolivas February 17, 2010
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Creepy Family member most likely to molest anyone he can. The funny Uncle nobody trusts. The uncle who Volunteers to play Santa. May or may not be obsessed with Sean Connery. A "Billy".
"Even Though Uncle Bill had a lean swimmer's body, Lex HATED sitting on his lap"
by @ Pope Pesci XVII October 18, 2013
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1) A big guy that resembles Santa in a way except that he's a little crazy and doesn't own reindeer.2) A slang term for something that is completely crazy and insignifigant.
YO! Grizzle! Did you see Santa, I mean Uncle Bill at the mall? Man, I know you'll look like him in a couple of years.
by Heatmaker January 9, 2004
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that shit attached to a baby's belly button when they come out.
Doctor: "Would the father like to cut the uncle bill ankle cord"
by french hannah montana February 28, 2017
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that crap that is attached to a babies belly button on birth
Doctor: would u like to cut the aux bill uncle cord?
me: cut that shit already
by d0nj June 15, 2022
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creator of bill-sploit, and the master of succ.
retard #1 - yo, do you know who uncle bill is?
retard#2 - yeah nigger, the creator of bill-sploit and the grand master of succ.
by Aware_Gogeta May 6, 2017
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