Verb, “to be Ukrained”. When you are Russia and you invade a country and the response is humiliation on a global forum.
“…the technical term: "Russia has been ukrained."”
by Bloodyblob March 22, 2022
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When the world's 2nd largest kleptocracy, led by mentally challenged and incompetent apparatus, decides to invade its peaceful neighbor and ends up getting slapped so hard their economy travels back in time to the stone age.

Basically, some awful stinky guy is trying to bully you and ends up getting owned so hard his grandchildren will pass on the shame to their grandchildren.
NATO: Dud, remember when you Ukrained Russia in 2022?
Ukraine: I had a lot of help, my man.
NATO: Nah, dud, that was all you.

Putin: Hehe, see, Lavrov, what did I tell you about those Western Imperialists?
*Lavrov continuously bangs two stones over a bunch of sticks, hunched in a dark cave*
Lavror: That we don't need them, boss!
Putin: Damn, right! Getting Ukrained is no big deal, it's only a minor century-long setback to our economy!
by jirina March 28, 2022
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To be defeated because of the underestimation of a foe.
He was utterly ukrained in that chess match. Russia had been ukrained in 2022.
by srgbnd April 13, 2022
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Ukraine most often erroneously called "The" Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe. Ukraine is not Russia & Russia is not Ukraine.

It is where People are proud educated cultured & the Women are beautiful. The people may seem serious but when you get to know them you realize they are warm & love to share laughter tears vodka & pickles w/ friends & loved ones & if you are lucky enough to be let into their hearts w/you too. At the 1st sign of spring we love to celebrate & welcome the warmth w/ friends outdoors w/ a bottle & some nibbles.

Ukraine is where we leave our shoes & outside filth at the door. Our mouths (words) may be dirty but our floors are clean! We have the greatest food: Potato & cheese Pierogie Sweet Vareniki Borsch Blini the best yogurt & kefir & some people even love salo :-p)! It is where a bowl of Great Borsch & a hunk of bread can make you feel like royalty! You can find the best vodkas there.

We love our Babushkas & other people's Babushkas too. When we see an old woman we think in our heads "Aw Babushka".

You'd be surprised how beautiful our homes are inside if you judge our homes by the outside. We paint our trees white on the bottom & We park anywhere even on the sidewalk!

Ukraine is beautiful just like her Women. My Ukraina! I left my heart there & I will forever ache until I see feel smell & hold her again.
I left my heart there.... but I wouldn't drive in Ukraine!

I have generations of dead relatives that I have never met in Ukraine. I am so grateful for you all & I thank you! You passed down traditions that made me who I am today!
by mamachka October 31, 2011
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Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe, witht the territory of approximately 600.000 square km. (second largest country in Europe except Russia) and the population of about 48 million ppl.
Till 1992 has been in the USSR, the Soviet Union, then declared independence.
Languages spoken - Ukrainian mostly on West of the country and Russian elswhere, mostly in Eastern parts. Actually a bilingual country.
Capital city - Kyiv (or Kiev depending whether you transliterate it from Ukrainian or Russian), about 3 mln ppl.
Ukraine (not 'THE Ukraine, wtf?') has its pros and contras as ANY OTHER country in this small world.

Some good facts about it:
- Very pretty women. Really. You come and see - really a LOT of beautiful chics around;
- Great nature. Mountians, seashores, steppes, rivers and lakes, etc;
- Great culture, in spite of being some 3 centuries a colony to the north neighbour, Russia, Ukraine has its own culture, literature, music, etc;
- Good-hearted, well educated people, full of hospitality and sense of humour, who love to eat smackest dishes in the world - vareniks (stuffed dough balls), borshch, and many others;
- Really the best and purest vodkas produced in Ukraine. While it's located between Russia and Poland, believed to be the homelands of vodka, namely Ukraine is the cradle of the purest vodkas, because there they produced it ONLY from wheat, which makes the drink really smooth. Ukraine never brags about its vodkas, because they love to drink thgemseves and drink A LOT and btw the do it NEAT, not mixing the greatest drink with any poisonous stuff like coke or vermouth.
Plus booze is cheap here. You can buy a great vodka, e.g. 'SV-Classic' or 'Medoff', with the quality of the product equals to or better than 'Grey Goose' or 'Absolute' for less then $4!

Bad stuff about Ukraine:

- It's corrupted government, thinking how to make as much dough as they can, and not thinking about the nation;
- Chernobyl nuclear plan disaster. Some places in Ukraine are 'no-go' due to their territories were extremely polluted with the harmful radiation;
- Because 70 years of the Communist slavery - general poverty of the popultaion led to such phenomena like 'Ukrainian mafia' in Europe and 'cheap Ukrainian whores' around the world. I thinks these are curable 'deseases', depending on the growing GDP per capita.
Klitschko brothers are from Kiev, Ukraine:))
by Yar September 14, 2004
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home to one of the best, most advanced armies of 17th and 18th century - cossaks
Ukrainian Cossacks kicked everyon's ass.
by anton May 5, 2004
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The incorrect and offensive way of referring to Ukraine
Tom: "Man, you're lucky to have lived in The Ukraine. I heard the chicks there are real hot."
Yuri: "It's not The Ukraine, dumbass, just Ukraine"
by SweetLife November 9, 2007
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