The capital of Ukraine, no need for further explanation.
Any normal person: *Sees the mainstream media pronounce Kiev as KE-EV*
Brain: They might need to go back to spelling school
by Anti-Normies March 22, 2022
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A person who eats a lot but doesnt get fat. Horrible at basketball and still in love with his ex. Extremely skinny and gaunt and extremely ashy.
Dude: Is that Kiev?
Girl dude: ou yes i wanna smash.
Dude: he smells like socks and is extremely ashy and gaunt!! Dont SMASH HIM.!!
by bruhdoyousmellthatcheese March 13, 2020
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A Kiev is another word for describing something repugnant and fat. Most commonly "Kievs" are fat, ugly and bitchy girls that are very proud of themselves and think their ass is because they've worked hard when is pretty much there only because of their weight. A kiev can also mean a spot.
Max: So what do u think of my new link Chloe Dingles

Ocpr: Kiev

Harrison: I dated a kiev!!!
by nixk_pala August 13, 2017
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I’m kiev & I’m still in love with Zadira I can’t get over how fine she is😍
Kiev: Zadira your so pretty Zadira:awe thx
by gaybitch101 March 13, 2020
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The Russians invaded Ukraine in 2022 and tried to take Kyiv, the capital city, formerly known as Kiev.
by SpicyCuttlefish April 26, 2022
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Honestly the best man anyone can ever ever get.

He’s someone to admire up to so much

He is such a sweetheart and can be so nice and amazing and also humorous

He’s all in a pack
He always has good intentions and understands people so well.

He is so academically and street smart and talented
He’s so caring for everyone and is so supportive

He respects everyone boundaries

He has amazingly perfect nails and beautiful hands

He is so perfect I look up to him so much and admire him a lot
I hope Kieve asks me out to Year 11 prom this year”
“I hope Kieve likes me”
“I like Kieve so much since the start and I hope he likes me back”
by madzzz :) February 26, 2022
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The capital city of Ukraine. Where the national soccer team for Ukraine plays. The birthplace of ME!
Kiev, the greatest city that was ever created!
by AK March 30, 2005
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