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Midtown is infinitely better than Senses Fail because they actually write good music.
by anton December 9, 2004
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(noun) wife, or less commonly, girlfriend.
"The Lovely and Talented and I went to Palm for the weekend."
by anton September 10, 2003
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A last name of one of the greatest person of all time, Anton Karpus
Anton Karpus is the sickest MC of all time.
by anton December 17, 2003
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A reply given when you are told of something good
Person A: "This bitch with some fine ass titties wants a blast on your cock"

Person B: "Mmyess"
by anton June 5, 2003
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The united states passenger railroad in 47 out of 50 states.

Provides long and short distance travel for passengers.
I am going on Amtraks Coast Starlight next month.
by anton February 19, 2005
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Any Person who:
Lives in a trailer
Goes to NASCARD events
Lives in Alabama, Missouri, Texas, or other Southern states.
Uses the word "yall", "aint", "howdy"
Is missing several teeth
Uses the word "nigger" or other rascial terms that are extremely ofensive.
I aint no redneck, I am edhukated!
by anton July 4, 2005
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