oo-ss ( 'oo' not said as in g'oo'se but a bit gutsy if you know what i mean)
Basically meaning a close friend, brother or anyone you like really predominantly used by Samoans
by PolyPrincess May 26, 2016
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The slang term for a Somoan person. litteraly meens brother
Wat up Uce?! (Like saying wat up brotha)if your black
by John Coker September 23, 2005
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Midwest slang for big partier that thinks they're cool and dresses in all poor kids prep (e.g. aeropostale, abercrombie, hollister) in an attempt to disguise how sleazy of a person they are.

Pronounced 'yüs'
John: Did you see that douche in ripped up pants and hco sweater at that south-county basement party?
Ryan: Yea, he was in some room with a box fan tryn to look hard while he was sleazin all over some drunk orange ho. You know him?
John: Yea, his name is Todd. Thinks he's a rebel. I Wonder what kind of stunna shades he's got.
Ryan: Biggest uce in the game.
by Skuhlteplayalisticadillacmuzik October 26, 2010
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Your name is lucy and you are trying that tiktok challenge. You are addicted to tiktok and a psycho crazy girl.
Damn that lucy is addicted to tiktok.
Yeh just search up UC on urban dictionary
by funnynottheh June 7, 2020
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The University of California. The first tier public university system which serves the upper 12.5% of graduating high school seniors in California. UC has 10 campuses and over 208,000 students. Campuses include flagship UCLA and UC Berkeley. Excluding soon-to-be opened UC Merced, all 9 UC campuses rank within the Top 50 according to US News and World Report.

See also CSU.
Most people apply to UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, UC Davis, and UC Irvine.
by supaflyyoc May 26, 2005
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Lisa is a UC because she is extremely stupid and never learns how to deal with problems on her own. It's the same as being a female dumbass!
by Bonderite November 13, 2014
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under cover police officer usually in a crown victoria or a beat up ford look for antenne in center back and dual exaust + tinted windows
Dude that cars been tailing us for like 10 minutes thats definitly a UC.

Fuck the police comming strait from the underground
by napopoleon July 19, 2005
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