The state of being utterly useless; having no meaning or purpose.
You are such an uc!
by Rachael Lynn April 20, 2020
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Acronym for "United Civilized States". One of the three playable factions in the games "Earth 2140" and "Earth 2150". The futuristic version of today's United States of America. The UCS army consists of unmanned mech units all controlled by a massive super computer that eventually gets hacked into during the campaign in "Earth 2150". Fortunately, a backup program was installed to ensure their victory against the ED. The UCS's arsenal is somewhat advanced in that they use plasma cannons and a mess of rockets instead of cannons and lasers.
The UCS destroyed the Eurasian Dynasty in "Earth 2140", but that didn't mean that the ED couldn't strike back...
by Someone you think you know August 9, 2005
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The University of Central England, located in Birmingham. It is often associated with its low grade requirements and comparitively poor performance as a university.

It is famously hated by students at Aston University (for no official reason), one of the two other universities in the town
"I have a dog whos name is Rover (lalalalala), and when he shits he shits all over (lalalalala). Shit on the ceiling, shit on the floor, shit on the windows, shit on the door. Shit all over UCE! (lalalalala) - Aston Student song after a good night out
by You know I'm right October 1, 2006
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A beautiful human being, who gets along with everyone, so funny and has great humour
Guy 1: Who’s that girl over there?
Guy 2: She’s beautiful, she’s such an uc
by Thtqbqbwyhwybwthqvwywyjw May 31, 2020
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UC stands for UnknownCheats,
Which is normally used in the gaming community
Gamer: OMG! He Is A Hacker!
Hacker: Yeap im UC
Gamer: See He Even Admits it
Hacker: Yeap!
by UC_Sparrow April 20, 2006
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the opposite of everything good in this world; goes well with "fuck you"
Bill: Hey I smashed your girl

Tom: Fuck yo-
Bill: "C"!
Tom: That too!
by Dildo Raggins December 8, 2015
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Upper Castes aka Savarnas (from India), holders of the equivalent of white privilege in the West. Although a minority, they dominate and influence every field. They can belong to Brahmin, Kshatriya, or Vaishya castes. Brahmins created the 2,000-year-old caste system in India, creating thousands of segregated, hierarchical sections, on top of which they placed themselves and the other two. Lower castes, or 85% of India's population, were prohibited from education and forced into menial occupations.
UCs want Affirmative Action in the US but whine about Reservations back home.

Some UCs are so woke, they look for Brahmin groom for their gay son.

Lol, you can tell a UC if they never talk about caste.

Only UCs think India is a vegetarian country.

UCs are India's Karens.
by shroomsmith June 2, 2020
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