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Especially in the city of Chicago, but also to the possibly ten other people who have heard of the school and don't live in California, UC refers to the University of Chicago. UC is the very elite but seldom known school located on the South Side of Chicago, despite it continually being deemed one of the world's best institutions for higher learning. It may also be called U of C, in vain attempts to distinguish the school from the University of Illinois at Chicago, commonly called UIC.

UC is also surprisingly seldom confused with the University of California, outside of California of course, most likely because no self-respecting Chicagoan, or person for that matter, would willingly move to California.
Person 1: What school do you go to?
Person 2: UC
Person 1: So do you commute to the circle everyday then?
Person 2: No, I live in Hyde Park.
Person 1: Do you take the Drive then?
Person 2: Never mind.
by chickenfoot1234 June 22, 2007
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University of Central England. An university located in Birmingham. Now Birmingham City University, which is quite a better name.
UCE was not that bad... but BCU seems great.
by Haggis2010 December 29, 2010
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Acronym for Unsolicited Commercial Email (spam)
NOUN: To report UCE, please email the abuse department.
by WebGuy August 7, 2007
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Term used on websites meaning "under construction." Often on new websites, sections, or pages. (UC)
These are the new forums (UC)
"That site is UC."
by That One Programmer Dude January 4, 2006
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Useless Cute Shit.

The stuff that fills the stores found in touristy towns, random crafts, things that you would buy for novelty and never use again. Chicks dig it.
"Yeah, we had a good day walking around Banff. Went to a bunch of UCS stores- ya know, the usual."
by Livvvy August 3, 2012
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The "University" of Central England. A shit university in Birmingham that is so bad it looks up to Aston, let alone the superior beings at Birmingham University.
You go to UCE? Aren't they the a-level grades you need to get in there?
by mercunium November 25, 2003
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The state of being utterly useless; having no meaning or purpose.
You are such an uc!
by Rachael Lynn April 20, 2020
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