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1 definition by Skuhlteplayalisticadillacmuzik

Midwest slang for big partier that thinks they're cool and dresses in all poor kids prep (e.g. aeropostale, abercrombie, hollister) in an attempt to disguise how sleazy of a person they are.

Pronounced 'yüs'
John: Did you see that douche in ripped up pants and hco sweater at that south-county basement party?
Ryan: Yea, he was in some room with a box fan tryn to look hard while he was sleazin all over some drunk orange ho. You know him?
John: Yea, his name is Todd. Thinks he's a rebel. I Wonder what kind of stunna shades he's got.
Ryan: Biggest uce in the game.
by Skuhlteplayalisticadillacmuzik October 26, 2010
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