40 definitions by GG

A position in sex dedicated to the defimation of women. You drop a big stinkin load in the toilet two weeks prior to meeting the cunt. Then, you hit it doggystyle over the toilet, slamming the lid on her head occasionally while she takes in the sweet aroma.
Tracy cheated on me last week so I gave her the open lid as revenge.
by GG January 23, 2004
Yo mang, Gimmick gave me some free acid.
by GG September 29, 2003
This is when you are standing up and a girl is eating your asshole out and jacking you off at the same time.
Me and Suzy skipped band practice and went behind a bush where she gave me a brown trombone.
by GG January 25, 2004
not slack
im not ratha
by GG November 13, 2003
Mix this with water and presto! You have yourself douche. Can also be used as an insult.
My wife is cheap, so she buys douche powder.

You are nothing more than a speck of douche powder.
by GG January 23, 2004
Adj. Used to describe something you like. Usually followed by pitching a fork.
"Dude your new chevelle is slayer" \m/
by GG February 26, 2005
The kind of all filth, gluttony, and stupidity. He still roams the earth, conquering as many buffet lines and rancid whores as possible. Avoid him at all cost, for your life is at risk whenever he is near.
Once, pig child and his pig devoured a family size box of frozen lasagna in one sitting.

Pig child's ultimate accomplishment is being so lazy that he failed to get up to use the bathroom, so he just shit on the couch where he laid.
by GG January 25, 2004