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Ug-ug is a term used to describe someone, who is usually not only ugly, but dumb as well. This is because of the comical caveman sound effect "Ugh-ugh".
Tom: Hey, Sally! Did you see the new girl at school today?
Sally: Yeah, that bitch was super ug-ug!
by Ookamibito February 23, 2008
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a fucking ugly person of vomitting caliber. Usually the typical cumdumpster of Mr. Shinji Price himself.
Shinji:dude Taylor is a fucking babe
Rufis: Fuck that shit! she's a fucking ugug
Shinji: Suit yourself man
Rufis: Dammit I will, I don't support the ugug movement
Shinji: she's mine then
Rufis: please, the yours
by steven bobeven May 09, 2004
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