A four-year institution of higher learning located in California's Central Valley. Currently ranked as the fourth best campus in the University of California system. Davis has acquired a reputation as a bike-friendly campus and is often stereotyped as constantly smelling like cow shit (although this only true if it rains or unless you happen to live in the Tercero housing complex). The students at UC Davis are called Aggies, however the campus mascot is actually a mustang named Gunrock which has nothing to do with the title "Aggie". This leaves Davis students in the awkward predicament of having to explain to non-Davis individuals why their mascot is a horse and what the hell an Aggie is when the vast majority probably haven't a foggy damn. Davis is also perenially labeled as the "school for Berkeley rejects" and a common saying is that "Davis is no one's first choice." Despite this snobbish labeling of the campus by outsiders, Davis students have a reasonable amount of school spirit and school pride.

The academics in Davis are somewhat in line with the rest of the other UC's in that they are competitive, challenging, and that you can be assured that if you slack off, some super nerd is going to set the exam curve at 98% therefore screwing you over. However unlike Berkeley, Davis students are somewhat more willing to help others with work and the sense of violent cutthroat competition that one might expect at a university of UCD's caliber is notably absent. UC Davis is largely noted for its veterinary/animal science department, agriculture school, and its Viticulture and Enology Department (aka the study of wine). The VEN 003 course is always popular amongst freshmen who think it's going to be a chill laid back class about alcohol and then end up getting frustrated once they fail their first midterm because they couldn't remember what type of grapes are used to make oloroso sherry (Palomino).

UC Davis also fields a number of teams in different sports and is notable as being the only UC campus to field a football team after Cal and UCLA. The transition from Div II to Div I occurred in 2007 and the Aggies now play at a much more competitive level regarding sports. The main rival for all UCD athletes are the Sacramento State Hornets who annually play the Aggies in football in the Causeway Classic. It should be noted that UCD leads all time 39-17 in the Classic and has destroyed Sac State for eight years in a row. Other rivals include Cal Poly and any other university with the word "state" in its name.

Davis is an example of a true college town; once classes let out following spring quarter, the town empties as thousands of students and faculty flee the summer heat and crushing boredom of the Central Valley for cooler and more entertaining destinations. Activities in Davis are limited by the town's size; bowling at the MU, eating downtown, going to the movies, and drinking (at house parties or bars) are staples of most students' lives. UC Davis also has a number of student clubs, IM and club sports teams, the Band-uh! and some roughly 40 recognized sororities and fraternities for those students who seek to be more involved in their campus.

On the whole, it's a very underrated campus, an excellent place to get an education, and no, the students do not go cow tipping.
Non-Davis Guy: "So where do you go to school?"
Davis Student: "UC Davis."
Non-Davis Guy: "Wtf, isn't that like a total hick school where you guys tip cows all day and shit?"
Davis Student: ".....shut the hell up before I backhand your ignorant ass."
by DavisDude February 26, 2008
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A University completely underrated. UC Davis is often hated on by people who aren't smart enough to get in or by Cal Poly students. If any of those people had ever actually visited the college they would see how amazing it is and how diverse the people are. One thing all can agree on is that it does smell like cow shit often, but the top of the line academics and ridiculously intelligent student body (give or take a few athletes) surpass that smell.

Contrary to what some of the prior posts say, UC Davis is many peoples' first choice and many choose it over Cal because of the fact that you can walk around the town without getting harassed by a homeless person, and for its insane pre-vet and overall science programs.

UC Davis is often considered the fourth best UC, behind SD...but the only thing SD is known for is having zero school pride and terrible(D3) athletics.
Person 1: I go to UC Davis

Person 2: Oh so you have crazy competitive academics, superior faculty, amazing food, a sick campus, a bike waiting to be stolen, and way too much school spirit

Person 1: Pretty much...
by milonotis April 25, 2010
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3rd Largest UC, located an 1.5 hours away from San Francisco.

etymology: m4d 1337 pwn4g3, asian.
I go to UC Davis. I got into UCLA. But Davis pwnz so I go there. UCLA and Cal still rox tho.
by Anonymous May 23, 2003
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A UC that is ranked higher than it should be, in a city that smells like shit. It usually gets its ass handed to by Cal Poly in the Golden Horseshoe football game. Just another UC in the shadow of UCB and UCLA.
Welcome to UC Davis! A place for cow shit, asians, and bicycles.
by ProV1 April 1, 2009
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3rd largest UC in population, biggest in acreage. MORE BIKES THEN YOU WILL EVER SEE IN YOUR LIFE!
i got into davis, but i didn't go because i dont know how to ride a bike.
by squeak April 7, 2005
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UC Davis is an underrated university who currently holds the rank of the 42nd best University in the United States according to US News. It is ranked number 4 within the University of California system behind UCB, UCLA and UCSD. UC Davis currently is also ranked as the 3rd best veterinary school in the nation according to US News.
Damn, I hope I get into UC Davis' vet school!
by tobasco sauce January 30, 2008
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