Major assholes. Their sole purpose of living is to fuck you up. They are the biggest and shittiest of all wasps.
I hate Hornets.
by Necr0mancer July 4, 2017
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The best football team ever..06 WHSFL Vidruk Division champs. simply owned nuff sed. all hornets do is own everyone.The team that wus called "THE MOST BALLEN SHIT EVER!"
dude: did u go see those tec voc hornets own kelvin the other day?
dude2: naw man
dude: u fuckin idiot there the most ballen team ever they won thechampionship now!
dude2: oh yeah thats pretty ballin i dont fuck with those other schools n teams tho cuz there just not ballin to me.
by Hornets November 27, 2006
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A group of renagade teenagers in Staples High School Westport, CT...these teens cause utter mischeif in sporting events such as basketball, by taunting, and physically disrupting the opposing team. Can be found by there mating call...."HOORRRRNEEETTTSSSS"
"Dude, that's so hornets"
by ... November 4, 2003
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A wasp with autism.
Joe: “Crap, I just got stung in the ass by a hornet!”
by KingOfPotatoes May 6, 2018
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The successor to the spitball, not as gross but infinitely more painful. A hornet is a folded piece of paper, bullet-like in appearance, which is shot from an elastic band stretched between the thumb and index finger, at bare skin and unsuspecting heads. Very useful for sending notes with the added bonus of annoying the hell out of the receiver. Usually favored and obsessed over by militaristic kids who love practicing their head-shots/nut-shots on quiet kids or SPEDs. They can also be recycled for use as spitballs.
"What the hell was that?"

"Giant fly. Now could you pass me that hornet on the ground beside you there?"
by noobtacular April 14, 2008
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When a male gets an erection and attaches a needle to the end of his penis either by tape or some type of paste and uses it as a 'stinger' to ward off unwanted sexual advances. The plural is called a hornets nest which is when a group of men get together in the name of sport and literally have cock fights. The first hornet stinger to draw blood is the winner.
While i was bent over picking up my towel after a shower wes came rushing up behind me naked. I quickly turned and gave him the hornet.
by bendo383 November 5, 2009
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