to do what it takes to get whyat you want no matter the consequences
yo thats cutthroat mu fuker bra he dont play
by splankinberry August 11, 2003
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to be badass at something
"Damn, you gotta hear that mutha play! He is cutthroat on the drums!"
by Col Trautman July 1, 2003
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How to describe a very sharp, harsh statement towards someone; a statement that "comes at someones neck" in a sense.
"Shut the hell up, Ali! You stupid bitch!!"

"Damn bro that's pretty cutthroat!"
by ampparis52 October 2, 2011
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–noun 1. A person who is very violent or ruthless.

2. Female who stands alone in looks, physical attraction and ability.

–adjective 1. Pertaining to a situation of unjust treatment.

2. Being out done in such away u go home and cry for hours and hours.
Noun 1. This guy in the club last night step on my new shoe so I shot 17 times in the face. I guess he want make that mistake again.
2. Dam she walk like model and thick as all out doors; she cutthroat for real.

Adj 1. Kevin got 30 years for doing 47mph in a 35 mph zone; dam that’s cutthroat.
2. Anderson Silva turned cutthroat of Forrest Griffin at UFC 101. Forrest came to and ran out the arena.
by traybigs August 30, 2009
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To not wanna be friends, goons or partners with someone else
"Wat up bro we still cool"
"Hell naw bro you str8 cutthroat"
"Damn dog that was some pie ass shit you did. You cutthroat forever"
by Jazzi-Babi June 13, 2008
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