A term used when a person's brain filter fails to catch a catastrophic social faux pas that causes a relationship to be strained and even terminate. Usually done when acting in a humorous setting, it appears to be harmless at first but the intended recipient either takes it wrong or someone eavesdropping gets butt hurt and starts acting like an ugly baby themselves.
Jaimie:"Hey Nick check out this pic of my god daughter, isn't she just the cutest?"
Nick:"Damn! that's an ugly baby!
Sasha:"What the fuck is he talkin about my little girl for!
Jaimie:"It was a joke..."
by Pally is Funny January 19, 2010
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Figure.10: "Don't look now, there's an ugly baby behind you!"

Danni: "Oh shit..come on..back away slowly."

*both back away slowly*
by Figure.10 June 30, 2009
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(n) refers to females who -because something belongs to them, or they created something (a baby) - cannot step back and see that it is hideous-looking and repulsive to most everyone else (and especially men) who look at the same thing.

Named after the medically known fact that the majority of women who birth ugly babies believe that this said baby is absolutely beautiful.
Do you see Tanisha's new baby?

"Yes. Man, is that thing butt-ugly or what? And she keeps going on and on and on about how it's the most beautiful baby that she's ever seen."

She's got Ugly-Baby-Syndrome, for sure! She does the same thing with her hideous-looking shoes too -- she's always wearing some ugly heels and she thinks they're beautiful.
by mike87111 October 28, 2013
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From the Seinfeld episode in the Hamptons when Elaine first sees her friend's baby in the crib ... her reaction is scrunched face and exclaims, "ewww." Afterwards she tells Jerry she couldn't look, that the baby looks like a pekingese, he saw baby too and says there is too much water in that gene pool, hysterically funny!
Anytime you see someone who is ugly and it really takes you aback you're having an ugly baby moment.
by TrinityBB October 17, 2011
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