A category on hentai haven that no one clicks on because no one likes anime chicks getting plowed like a plot of land by anime equivalent of John Goodman.
Person 1: I love the ugly bastard category!
Person 2: *Grabs scissors* Your genes cannot be allowed to spread.
by BlimeyCunt June 6, 2018
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The one HentaiHaven tag that no one clicks on. As the words are taken apart, we have the word ugly, which basically is the opposite of attractive, and we also have bastard, which means a despicable person or thing. If you see an ugly bastard, please call crime stoppers.
**reading HentaiHaven tags**
person 1:Toys, Tsundere, Uncensored. Vanilla, Virgin...

Person 2: Hold on you skipped ugly bastard
Person 1: Yea, because that tag is shittier than the scat tag.
by ItsInsidium March 22, 2018
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Ugly Bastards are usually fat, middle age men with certain bodily features that most people find appalling.
This ugly bastard had his way with me, don’t tell anyone.
by Fuck-off-Regis April 14, 2018
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The most horrible thing to ever exist
Jacob: I’ve just been traumatized, I was curious, and decided to add some ugly bastard into the mix.
Bill: dude... I feel so bad for you.
by DaNewb360 March 16, 2018
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A recurring stereotype in hentai. It takes the form of an ugly, fat, unclean, or in general unpleasing male who will share an adult sceneario with the usually younger/vulnerable female lead, most likely in an abusive or degrading way that defines him as a bastard.
Artist: I'm gonna draw a super cute girl, with the big ol' titties, great eyes, pale skin, some blush and pouty lips fucked and going all ahgao by the fattest, smelliest Ugly Bastard
by Tequila Joseph March 13, 2018
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The lolis worst nightmare... And mine to.
That hentai got the tag ugly bastard
That was a ugly bastard
by MartinSenpai March 20, 2018
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Ugly and fat sometime old and sweaty, oily and gross, 60 percent are rich and they got a magical dic* if you got foke you will fall in love with them no matter how ugly they are, mostly appear in Japanese art called hentai.
man... yesterday a random ugly bastard NTR my little sister... now she say she want to marry him... foke...
by Linlix February 21, 2019
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