a ultimate cut down said in a deeper voice like a large black male

When to properly U AHH BITCH!! : when a friend enters a room, when a friend leaves . by surprise at any time ,

can be turned in to a trick in witch you write it in hidden places to get people when not around

by james_MFR June 3, 2009
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Where a man has a sexual relationship with a bitch, leaves the bitch, and then gets back together the bitch.
Justin: Hey man I can't hang out tonight.

Kyle: Why?
Justin: Im hanging out with Rachel again.

Kyle: Dude, don't pull a U-Bitch!
by Kylewis March 29, 2011
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Something a pimp will say to his hoes when they are acting "uppity" or bad.
Also a fun thing to say.
Fuck all u bitches!I'm giving you groceries and half of the income. What mo' do you want from me?
by Weak Ass Bitches December 2, 2004
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when ur fucking as high as fuck, and u want ur dick sucked by ur girlfriend
"hey, suck me dick u bitch"
by supbitches666 September 19, 2019
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old phrase used to describe the itchy iratated feeling u get when being bitched at thus making u wanna slap a bitch
Sally y didnt u stop where i told u to

Chuck youve been riding my ass all day like my granpa used to say u make me itch ill hit u bitch
by 468 51 July 15, 2010
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You Get 0 Play
Nathan U get absolute 0 Bitches Where ya hoes at
by Nathan0.o TT April 9, 2022
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