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I was asked to describe someone close to me with only one word. I however don't know a word in my vocabulary that does her justice. I even cheated, and searched online. I've decided to create the word. 'JMFR' There are many words that describe some of her; like, smart(rainman), crazy, beautiful, alluring, sweet, honest, and the list goes on...but those are multiple words. So for everyone who has been tasked with defining someone with a single word, I give you 'JMFR'. I have a thousand thoughts on how to describe her, just not in one word. So hope this works. For everyone who has had the privilege of meeting a 'JMFR' keep them close. I've only known my 'JMFR' for a week, but I feel like i've known her so much longer. Enjoy Jenny.
JMFR is the only way to to describe that person.
by MMFW October 19, 2005
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