to perform a u - turn
dude, just slap a bitch up here
by wooogirl July 11, 2008
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on december 22nd it is slap a bitch day,a day where you can slap all the bitches that you don't like
slap a bitch day? yes please
by karenhater November 10, 2020
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A mood in which someone's ready to knock the hell out of somebody(usually a specific person yet; could be a completely random &&innocent bistandard).
Teacher: what's wrong with jamal?

Student:well his science teacher gave him an F on his progress report. Now he's in Slap A Bitch Mode.

Teacher: Well(stretches arms out). Time for me to be hitting the old dusty trail.
by BadNewzParish March 6, 2010
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This is where a bitch/your bitch says or does some crazy shit and you dislike it very strongly so the only thing your thinkin is ima slap this bitch, It's the number one most important mission at the time.
Operation Slap That Bitch
"I came home at 2am last night and my bitch went off says who you been with, where you been and a bunch of other shit, so I thought to myself Operation Slap This Bitch is a green for go and I slapped the fuck out my bitch.... think the lesson sunk in, but I wanted to make sure so I did it again.
by A-Pimp-Named-Slick-Back June 30, 2014
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(v.) an action where someone is provoked to strike. Someone offends you so you slap-a-bitch. Cap-a-bitch is when you shot the person who provoked you.
Person 1: "She just called you fat!!"
Person 2: "it's time to slap-a-bitch!"
by Ka-Five March 15, 2005
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