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What you say to somebody when they rudely ask who you are. If they're gonna a bitch about it, then be one back.
Some ghetto chick: Who da Hell are you!?
Me: Wanna know my fukin name, bitch?
by Weak Ass Bitches December 1, 2004
This can be one of the following:
-To have someone give you a blow job
-What one fag will say to another fag
-What your mom does to me
-An insult
-Commonly heard among people ranging from the age of 13-27.
-A fun name to use when you submit things on the internet.
-A popular sexual action that is included in porno
He got his dick sucked. The fags sucked each other off. Your mom gave me head. Why don't you suck my dick you cocksucking fag! Awww man, suck my dick. (From Suck My Dick:) Yo mama so old that she was the DJ at the Boston Tea Party. I saw the bitch suck his cock on cumfiesta.com
by Weak Ass Bitches November 7, 2004
Something a pimp will say to his hoes when they are acting "uppity" or bad.
Also a fun thing to say.
Fuck all u bitches!I'm giving you groceries and half of the income. What mo' do you want from me?
by Weak Ass Bitches December 2, 2004
An ugly-ass bastard from Louisiana who is a die-hard liberal and also a southern redneck at the same time; isn't that an oxymoron?
James Carville is an imbred, ultra-liberal, swamp-dwelling redneck
by Weak Ass Bitches November 18, 2004
What Bill Clinton used to live in. Also a cheap, trashy form of housing that is occupied by people with the following names as examples: Billy-Bob, Jim-Bob, Bubba-Dean, Bubba, Earl, Billy-Ray Jeeters, Luanne, Josie-Sue, Lester, etc.
Bill Clinton built a massive structure that looks like a trailer and called it the Clinton Presidential Library.
by Weak Ass Bitches November 30, 2004