Oh shit I miss that turn.

That's ok just make a u do it.
by bill.stevenson April 22, 2010
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when someone does something weird, but u ain’t gon’ be rude about, so u hit em with “u do u boo”
Kate: i enjoy sniffing hair..
me: u do u boo
by imtomandimcoolyeet December 25, 2018
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When someone does something strange, but you don’t feel like being rude and tell them. So you hit em with u do u boo
Kate: I like sniffing hair
Me: u do u boo
Kate: dies
by imtomandimcoolyeet December 26, 2018
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U-Do-U-Boo Day is National Holiday that is one self chosen designated week day that falls in between the timeframes of Monday - Sunday). On U-Do-U-Boo Day, you are only allowed to cater to Me Myself & I, partake in the most selfish, self-absorbed, self-righteous, egotistical, god/goddess activities know to man on this day.

*Important note U-Do-U-Boo Day national holiday* You will still need to continue to love everyone who is special in your life but on U-Do-U-Boo Day it is mandatory that you need to love yourself more than anyone else in the UNIVERSE, that is unmeasurable, & unconditional L❤️VE to yourself!
On U-Do-U-Boo Day no one else matters more than you on U-Do-U-Boo Day!
by Bifey’s Voice May 16, 2020
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A set of ragged but beloved clothing worn while undertaking D.I.Y jobs. Originally coined by Click and Clack (CarTalk) on NPR, March 2007.
She made her girlfriend promise never to throw out her U-do-itform no matter how filthy it was.
by mandy-louise April 1, 2007
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