Okay..firstly lets get rid of all this americentrix bollocks. USA and Canada? East Coast? West Coast? All Bullshit. Twot is an old English word, in use before the American continent was settled. Yes, its just another word for Twat.
by Huey Tank August 19, 2016
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The way most Canadians pronounce the slang insult, "Twat".
Veradun: That twatting spy got me!
Slytra: I'l get the Twot!
Slothability: O.o
by Veradun August 29, 2014
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Someone, who without effort, makes a right proper useless waste of space of himself. Not annoying, just a useless twot.
When he died it was a relief to us all... the useless twot.
by clemstar February 27, 2009
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worst possible insult ever; not like it's bad, but it's stupid. people say it because they dont know any other insult. whoever says this most likely has a twat on their face. its also the gayest sounding insult ever.
nate: you are such a twot.
hannah: oh go clean your douche nozzle with your pubic hair you little gaylord.
by Hannah Banana!! July 10, 2006
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Twot, An abbreviation of, That Whore Over There, Is a more formal version of the popular slang, Thot, Which is and abbreviation of That Hoe Over There.
The term Twot, Was popularised by popular YouTuber 'The Right Opinion' He uses it stating that we should always use the Queens English, Even when using slang.
*Female Twitch streamer acts slightly sexual in a Twitch Compilation*
PewDiePie: Stupid Twitch Twot
by AbsoluteNonce69 November 21, 2019
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