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Okay..firstly lets get rid of all this americentrix bollocks. USA and Canada? East Coast? West Coast? All Bullshit. Twot is an old English word, in use before the American continent was settled. Yes, its just another word for Twat.
by Huey Tank August 18, 2016
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The way most Canadians pronounce the slang insult, "Twat".
Veradun: That twatting spy got me!
Slytra: I'l get the Twot!
Slothability: O.o
by Veradun August 28, 2014
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Someone, who without effort, makes a right proper useless waste of space of himself. Not annoying, just a useless twot.
When he died it was a relief to us all... the useless twot.
by clemstar February 27, 2009
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Variant of twat, someone who is twattish but not quite that bad. Also used in a similar manner to feck, that is a polite replacement that can be used in mixed company.
That Brain out of Westlife's a right twot.
by crackerwax April 03, 2003
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It's an acronym for 'total waste of time', often used on the internet, to describe things (pictures, videos, etc.) that someone wished they hadn't watched.

Refer to: RickRoll.
Well, that was a TWOT.

(Response to a message): TWOT!
by Dutty4u August 04, 2008
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Thmerging of the words "tounge, tight, and wet" to describe a female's genitilia. Origionating on the East coast. Usually used only when talking about performing oral to a female. Or to describe how tight a female's vagina is.
(a)Male to female...Eh I'm tryna lick dat twot...wuss good?
(b)Calvin: I heard you was wit Angel last was it?
Mark: Maaaaayne she got that twot, I couldnt belive how wet she was!
by Nay December 20, 2004
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