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A "Turd Burgler" is someone who acquires pooh to be used in some S&M practices, most notably the practice known as "The Huey Bar", all very secret of course but ther you go. This is the truth, it is not a homophobic slander at all.
Where the hell did you get that shit? Are you some kind of Turd Burgler?
by Huey Tank March 28, 2016
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An Unwanted or Illegitimate Baby or Child. The illegitimate children of War. An archaic word used by the British "Upper Classes to describe children that were sired in a War situation, usually between a man of the "Officer Class" and a Prostitute. I have heard it used as "Da Da's Warpig" , meaning "Fathers illegitimate child". Warpigs were often consigned to a hellish life, subjected to horrendous discipline practices and were often driven deliberately mad. See also "Royal Blood".
Queen Victoria's Warpig half sister was consigned to a life of obscurity in the country as she was an embarrassment to all around her.
by Huey Tank December 1, 2014
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"Royal Blood" an archaic reference to the Illegitimate or Unwanted children of the British "upper classes".
Oh, the way that girl behaves, anyone would think she was Royal Blood.
by Huey Tank December 1, 2014
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Okay..firstly lets get rid of all this americentrix bollocks. USA and Canada? East Coast? West Coast? All Bullshit. Twot is an old English word, in use before the American continent was settled. Yes, its just another word for Twat.
by Huey Tank August 19, 2016
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