5 definitions by Hannah Banana!!

An icy house where all the litle miglets go to rest.
After 9 o' clock Brandon had to go home to do his homework in his migloo.
by Hannah Banana!! July 10, 2006
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a migger (mexican person who acts black) who is also very short/small.
Yo, that Brandon kid over there is such a miglet!
by Hannah Banana!! July 1, 2006
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What little fuckers call themselves to try and be all cool and hardcore, but they really are pussies who are scared of drugs or something. Straightedgers have no fun.
Hannah: You want some vodka?
Michael: NOOOO Im sXe!
Hannah: Aw shit what you want instead, milk?
by Hannah Banana!! July 8, 2006
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worst possible insult ever; not like it's bad, but it's stupid. people say it because they dont know any other insult. whoever says this most likely has a twat on their face. its also the gayest sounding insult ever.
nate: you are such a twot.
hannah: oh go clean your douche nozzle with your pubic hair you little gaylord.
by Hannah Banana!! July 10, 2006
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