Two-A-Days, or sometimes known as Hell Week, is a term in football to describe when a football team has practice twice a day: in the morning, and in the afternoon or evening. Two-A-Days are usually done the beginning of fall, such as the end of July or mid-August, but are sometimes done on a daily basis for some teams.
Two-a-days,,,,practice from 230pm until 8pm
by 5 J's August 17, 2007
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an extreme week of hell which football tryouts are held, where there are 2 practices a day
hey bro you ready for two a days ?
by mark andrews August 15, 2007
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Norman "Nick"'s belief that every man jacks off twice a day and if he claims he doesn't then he's a fucking liar. After being called out for his excessive jack off schedule, Norman "Nick" clapped back with this idea and while nobody else has admitted to jacking off twice on a daily basis, Norman "Nick" still deeply believes this idea. In fact, Norman "Nick" feels the need to make up for others who aren't jacking off twice a day so sometimes he'll go three or four times a day just by himself. You may have heard of the multivitamin, "One A Day," think of this jacking off idea as a "Two A Day" in order to ensure the best health for yourself.
Henry: Yo Norman "Nick", you get your two in today?
Norman "Nick": No
Henry: Oh shit, have you gotten any in at all?
Norman "Nick": Dude when I first wake up, I sit in bed for 30 minutes before I get up so that's when I get my first one in
Henry: Oh damnnn, then you get the other in at night so you get your Two A Day in, huh?
Norman "Nick": Yeah
by TurnM3Up December 27, 2022
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The type of haircut sported by many players in the MTV show "Two a Days". Also very popular among southern males in general. To get a Two a days, one has to grow out their hair out front and flip it to the side while the sides and back are cut shorter.
Alex, on the Hoover High Bucs, has the Two a days. No, that doesn't refer to his football practice, it refers to his haircut.

Michael Clifton has that two-a-days.
by Hoover High February 12, 2010
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it is when a man squats over a women with his ass in her face. then proceeds to titty fuck her while crapping in her mouth, and placing one fist in her ass and one in her vagina.
after practice coach proceeded to teach the cheerleaders the real meaning of two-a-days.
by adam,james,drayton February 7, 2007
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When you have sex with two different people in the same 24 hour period, preferably one in the morning and one at night. Threesomes don't count.
I had the best two-a-day yesterday; I did Jenn at 2:00pm and Brittany at 2:00am.
by tylerton99 May 21, 2010
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The date of the 22nd of February, 2022, also known as 22/2/2022 or 2/22/2022. This day just so happens to fall on a Tuesday, hence the pun. Not to be confused with Twosday.
On this day... well... I don't know - do what you want. I mean, what did you do on 11/11/2011?
1. "I can't wait until Two's day."
2. "Ikr dude its gonna be so anti-climactic!"
by Larry Rat Dance Potter February 27, 2019
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