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N. The other name for the second day of the week (assumeing you start from monday) Tuesday. Twosday is the day of the week where anything interesting happens. It may also be used as an excuse for doing things.
Twosday is a very flexiable word and is most used to discribe sexiual happenings. This is closely associated to the phrase "Only on Twosday"
1. Will you go to the dance with me? 2. Only on Twosday.

1. My god! what happened to Jim? 2. Twosday...
by Gwave October 07, 2007
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The day where everything happens. Mainly violent or extremely inappropriate or outright fucking weird. Called "twosday" because weird stuff mainly happens relating to two-year olds (NOT that way, perverts)
Person 1. I'm gonna crack an egg on my head and then flip a car onto my neck and die with a two-year old, to finally come to life again;

Person 2. What the fuck? When will that happen? I wanna see that shit!

Person 1. Dude, you know me. Only on twosday, man.
by ibreathedonaccident123 January 31, 2018
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