A very stuffy and boring site out there. A stalkers dream true.
MySpace has annoying music and annoying layouts.
Facebook has annoying apps and annoying people.
YouTube has annoying videos and annoying comments.
Twitter just has annoying stalkers.
by ..09 May 16, 2009
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A site where you think people care, when they're really laughing at how pathetic you look.
A Twitter: I'm watching TV!!!!!!!!!

A person who cares for some reason: Cool!!!!

A person who has a life: Wtf? I don't give a shit!

A Twitter: I'm taking a shit!

A person who cares for some reason: Oh my god!!!!

A person who has a life: ........
by General Radec August 10, 2009
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Social media messaging service for staying in touch and keeping up with friends from anywhere. Usable through a growing number of platforms including SMS, IM, and various desktop clients, as well as the Twitter website.
I message all my friends through Twitter every time I'm stopped in traffic. It's great!
by Ladanea March 18, 2008
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1. A social networking website for people who need to stay on top of current events in real-time, which generally means reading some 12-year-old's commentary on an article that was posted on cnn.com several hours ago.

2. The 2000's equivalent of the AOL keyword... a medium by which businesses and news sources can publish small amounts of information to people who normally wouldn't care, but who will gobble the information up because the medium of transfer makes them feel like an "insider"
Person 1: Hey did you hear the news about Bono this morning?

Person 2 (frantically logging onto Twitter): I'm on it! Ah yes here's the story: "Man that Bono is some character, but I like his music from teh 80's #Bono RT RT"... I better re-tweet this quick. We twitterers count on each other to spread hot stories like this so we can stay ahead of the curve.
by MD-G August 19, 2009
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A trick of the Devil in the form of an online platform provided to a fool for shouting about inanities other fools are already familiar with, being them their own as well.
The idea that twitting is actually communicating is becoming more and more the foundation of the modern, industrialized society, and it is eminently worthy of the superstructure.
Twitter samples:

@jerryo: fantastic article on social media @ respectyourbrainandgiveupyourcurrentlifestyle.com/quittwitting/howtostart

@myass64: great stuff buddy.

@ruththethruth: do you know where do they stream the semi finals of Curling finals?

@thebignothing: especially in Michigan

@poot: most def

(ad lib)
by Parcerito October 14, 2011
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An absolutely useless piece of technology that is absolutely necessary.
Twitter has changed the way we blindly self-aggrandize and inflate our false sense of self-worth by tricking us into believing people want to read about the pizza pans we just bought at Target and how our poop was a totally weird color this morning.
by Nalmatic December 03, 2009
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Obama said that both he and visiting Russian President Dmitry Medvedev use the popular social networking program--which he mistakenly referred to as "Twitters," instead of "Twitter.
by rperazag June 25, 2010
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