Twitter Traffic is when someone tweets something controversial to bait people into reacting and arguing in the replies.
Ariel is such a weasel tweeted that foolishness for a little Twitter Traffic
by Miss Zaynoo October 19, 2021
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Noun. Any barely literate athlete or entertainer who tweets some garbled nonsense and acts like it’s a contribution to American literature.
Jets running-back quoting Shakespeare and going full Twitter Twain while calling out his haters and the media.
by Teflon Johnny September 23, 2019
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A "twitter twiker" or "twiker" is somebody who repeatedly doesn't follow people back on Twitter when somebody follows them. Very common on Twitter today
That guys on Twitter has so many more followers than people he's following. He must be a real Twitter twiker!
by acchill May 27, 2015
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A zone of unreality and imagination , where every person and ideology exists , and they all hate you
Man that ideology doesn't exist dude , it's just a Twitter Twilight Zone.
by Tzeentch June 17, 2020
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in re: Anthony Weiner

A life altering - possibly career destroying - mistake in judgement
That writing job I turned down at Groupon is turning out to be quite the twitter-typo.
by tjbf55 June 09, 2011
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twitter user khi is @merc4pfs biggest opp.
fuck twitter user khi ” - merc4pf
by ihyskip January 06, 2021
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The event where an individual tweets a lot in a very short space of time about a series of unimportant and seemingly unconnected topics.

(n.b. this occurs often as a result of either caffeine highs, drunk tweeting and extreme boredom/procrastination)
Person 1: hey, did you see twitter last night?
Person 2: No, why?
Person 1: Tom got drunk and had a bad case of twitter-vom last night, it was hilarious.
by weg m January 07, 2013
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