An amazing, witty, talented girl who you are extremely lucky to have as a friend. She knows a ton of people, but only has about 3 amazing best friends. She loves them all to death, and they love her too. She never thinks she is better than anyone else, but never thinks badly of herself. She is also very intelligent, most likely in gate. She believes that everyone deserves to be loved. Everyone wants to be her friend, and the few that are know how blessed they are to have her in their lives.
I wish I could be friends with kaya she’s so funny, pretty, and smart.
by Anonymous_user_ December 9, 2017
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Kaya is beautiful. She is a extremely a amazing talker, she can carry a conversion for ever. She leaves me speachless! I dont know how anyone can live without her. She can make your day better by just hearing her voice. Even though i have never meet her, i know that she is one of the most beautiful and amazing person in the world!
Kaya is perfection
by Thebigbman April 25, 2017
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An all around perfect person. To fantastic for words. Having Come across a Kaya, don't let it go. It will be the worst thing youve ever done in your life. Will always bring a smile to your face and will make you fall in love immediately. Kaya is often people's favourite person because of their sheer greatness and mental strength. Always hold onto a Kaya.
Boy: Hey, I just met a girl named Kaya.
Boy2: Oh my god, no way. You have to be joking right?
Boy: No! She's so amazing!
Boy2: I'm so jealous! She sounds so cool
by Scotteh March 18, 2016
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A really wonderful person who is beautiful, loyal, and amazing. She's super nice and a really great friend. She has tons of friends too because everyone loves her. She understands people and knows how to get along with them. She's never mean to anyone and everyone enjoys being around her.
Person 1 : I wish Kaya was friends with me! She's so amazing and I want her.
Person 2 : Haha just ask her! She's nice enough to let anyone be friends with her!
by Scissorhands Sweeny Todd April 20, 2013
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The name Kaya means 'restful place', 'forgiveness',' home', 'yew tree', 'stone', ' willow', 'wise child' or 'the one with the beautiful body or profile'.

Kaya \ka-ya\ as a girl's name is pronounced KAH-yah. It is of Japanese, Zulu, Turkish, Hopi and Hindi origin.

Kaya means Home in Zulu. So, Bob Marley fans: Does it make sense that one might need SHELTER when "the rain is falling"?
Dear Kayas, even if your parents smoked pot, it is likely they were enlightened enough to have named you for one or all of these strong and beautiful meanings- and not after an album associated with cannabis.
Kaya means Home in Zulu. So, Bob Marley fans: Does it make sense that one might need SHELTER when "the rain is falling"?
Yes, he advocated for marijuana, but it wasn't his whole life, or the deepest meaning in all his songs.
by kmom July 16, 2013
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Kaya is an amazing person she is a great rapper and good at hood talk she is so nice and is amazing. And a great friend she is super funny and talented #besttablepartnerever #goodrapper #gokaya
Kaya is amazing.
by JJ-Curry January 30, 2018
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a tern used to describe someone who is both amazingly beautiful and wonderfully talented, also with a personality fit for an angel. These are however extremely rare, having only come across one in my entire life, and should you happen upon one i strongly advise you to take good care of it and give it lots of love and attention and it will bloom into a beautiful young creature and a credit to you and humanity.
by March 11, 2004
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