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Sussex dialect: a narrow passage between buildings. (cf. North of England: ginnel)
Most people walked half way around the block but the locals knew a short-cut through the twitten.
by Urban-Joe November 27, 2011
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Being smitten by someone you know only through following them on Twitter.
I started following Felicia Day last week. She's adorable. I think I'm twitten.
by jpj625 July 28, 2008
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southern english dialect term for a confined pathway, often used for sexual activities and illegal substance consumption. Or as a hang out for chavs. It can also be used as a shortcut through parralel built council estates, if you've got the balls. (it's an alleyway pretty much)
Toby: Cor thom, do you wanna go down the alley for some summin summin?

Thom: No i'm going down the twitten to fuck some german hookers and smoke some crack
by Thoby March 08, 2006
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Is when you have a Twitter Account and Just updated it.

When you are enjoying being on

What many people use today, to express how unbelievable there Twitter account is.
Troy: Hey, Have you been on Twitter lately?

Alfred: YEAH bOI!!!!, I was just Twitten.

Troy: Awesome.
by ~Truth~ June 15, 2009
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