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Sussex dialect: a narrow passage between buildings. (cf. North of England: ginnel)
Most people walked half way around the block but the locals knew a short-cut through the twitten.
by Urban-Joe November 27, 2011

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An adjective indicating that something has been prepared before it is prepared.
"I didn't prepare dinner tonight because is was pre-prepared. You'll find it in the freezer."
by Urban-Joe November 19, 2012

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The place in a supermarket where details are kept.
"Up to 50% off everything! See instore for details."
by Urban-Joe November 30, 2011

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To order something before you want it, as distinct from after you want it.

(cf. "pre-prepare")
"Pre-order your Christmas turkey now. Don't wait until Boxing Day."
by Urban-Joe November 19, 2012

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A fence is what you take when someone suggests that you obtained goods illegally.
Don't take a fence, but did you really pay fifteen hundred quid for an Yves St Laurent suit that doesn't fit?
by Urban-Joe May 27, 2012

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