A northern dialect word for a passageway between two buildings.
It was too dark to walk up the ginnel.
by Mikeyjuk September 25, 2006
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we use it in leeds and surrouding areas. Its like a snicket or passageway. Me and my cousin thought everyone used it till we got down to devon and asked what was down the ginnel. Got some funny looks, i tell thee.
Im gonna go down't ginnel, to't chippy. Im off on ma sen, does thee want some, or should i get once?
by laurenleeds February 20, 2009
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A narrow alley. Usually leading through a row of terraced houses in order to connect the street (in front of the row of houses) to the "back alley" (running between this row of houses and the next).
"Our cat ran up their ginnel" (A phrase used to indicate a very tenuous familial relationship between two people.
by Chris Sheffield May 12, 2008
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A ginnel is the walk way that goes between houses connecting streets together. they are usually poorly lit and are full of chavs/children who want to drink and smoke somewhere dark. its what we say in manchester, and it doesnt come up in predicitve text.
on the phone "just walking down the ginnel to your house, had to ring incase some chavs beat me up".
by Jeds March 7, 2011
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another term for a snicket or a flutester
go down t'ginnel lads
by JimmyK September 18, 2003
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a space big enough for a few people to sleep, threesomes and a place where love grows
there was so much love in the ginnel
by love4theginnel May 13, 2009
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Tom: where you going
Mike: down the ginnel mate
by Busysmithy December 16, 2020
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