Camron is a really handsome or cute boy. He is very athletic and talented at music and art. He has a big dick. He fights for his friends and girlfriend. He's a big flirt by accident. He's a really persuasive person and could get you NAKED. He doesn't listen so he gets in alot of trouble. He's really funny, once you get to know him and has light brown eyes.
OMG, Camron is such a flirt!
Camron eyes are so cute.
by Terrika Field March 13, 2017
The most handsome person on earth. He always makes everyone around him laugh, even when he isn't in the best mood. He has a really big dick and is a good lover. Has the weirdest way of showing his love. He likes shorts girls or girls the same height as him. He is really funny and caring for his friends. He doesn't like to fight unless he is in the situation. He has light brown eyes and big feet.
by Terrika Field March 13, 2017
A person who loves with all his heart and has made many mistakes but has changed when he said he would
When Camron told Niki he loved her, he loved her for the rest of their lives.
by Cam the man December 20, 2016
A sweet, wonderful guy who is super-easygoing most of the time but will FIGHT for the people he loves. He loves playing bass and enjoys first-person shooter video games. He also rocks at artistic & quirky stuff, like drawing, making videos on the computer, or making crazy stuff out of Legos. Anyone who has the chance to meet a Camron is lucky indeed... and any GIRL who manages to snag a Camron is destined to have a fun, romantic life ahead of her!
He brought you flowers out of the blue today? How Camron of him! :D
by Gwendolyn Walls February 5, 2010
A beautiful thicc boi, he only wants a good smelling coochie. But he is constantly being chased by horny gay men. His cock is throbbing so god damn hard, and yet he never gets these hoes. RIP our boi Camron who is constantly edgy
Camron: We live in a society *rapes Adan*
by FatShitCracker October 28, 2019
Camron is a very sexy guy, he is outgoing and and shy at the same time. He has a VERY HUGE DICK and he is very attractive. He is known for attracting lots of women.
Sarah: Hey mom did you see Camron today?
Mom: Yes I did he is so good looking and his dick print was just staring me in the face.
by Shaniyah3200 May 29, 2020
A "Camron" is a smart awesome person. This person could fit the description of a God. He is mighty, powerful, and he must be obeyed. A disrespect to a "Camron" could lead to serious consequences, even death. Beware the almighty god, Camron!!!
"Oh Camron, our mighty god, please forgive us for trespassing over your Earth, please have mercy on our souls!!!"
by Almighty God below a Camron September 12, 2017