Simping and defending a very popular e-girl that has a reputation for doing horrible shit online. Basically white knighting women that should burn in hell.
I can't believe Twitch is still twitching for Alinity, dude.
by A random nobody :) August 4, 2020
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To look at and admire females. Also known as "bird watching.
Jeff: "Hey do you wanna go down to the beach? I fancy some twitching?"


Bob: "I love wearing sunglasses, they are great for twitching."
by Greveson December 4, 2009
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Twitter-bitching. Bitching on Twitter. Using Twitter to complain.
"Hi tweeps. Please forgive my last tweet. I'm just twitching."
"OMG! Did you see Michael and Leah's tweets last night? They were twitching back and forth!!"
by Jragyn January 21, 2010
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when someone is streaming you on Twitch or you appear on a Twitch stream
by tHe kNoWiNg All February 6, 2016
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Using a Twitter account to snitch on people.
Chris Brown was totally twitching on Lil Wayne about the New Years Eve party violence.
by MascoUtah January 7, 2010
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Twitching is when a person updates their status on Twitter ridiculously frequently.
3:05pm - Brandon is bored.
3:15pm - Brandon is eating pudding.
3:32pm - Brandon is excited for Crank 2.
3:45pm - Brandon wants the work day to end.
3:58pm - Brandon is clockin'out and off to the movies.

Me and everyone else - Brandon needs to stop goddamn twitching.
by Blender Fuck April 19, 2009
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