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In forum parlance, it means rushing to the aid of another poster for whatever reason. An accusation typically reserved for when a poster is being hammered by another poster(s) and the accused leaps in to defend them, usually without thinking things through as to why the person is being attacked.
Poster A: <Says something unfunny>
Poster B: Shut up, douche.
White Knight: Hey, leave him alone. Why are you all ganging up on him?
Poster B: Quite white knighting, douche.
by Boojoorooroo December 04, 2007
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Defending someone who does not wish to be defended.
Scenario A:

Man: "Women should have equal pay for equal work!"
Woman:"We already do for the most part. Stop white knighting for us."

Scenario B:
Joe: "Wow, Susan, you're such a bitch, lol."
Jeff: "Take that back, Joe! Susan is a wonderful person."
Susan: "God, Jeff, he was just joking. Stop white knighting for me."
by Ike Moon the Nautical Bunny November 05, 2017
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White Knighting typically occurs when their are two men and one girl. White Knighting is easy to spot and very annoying when you are trying to get laid with a crappy wingman.

White Knighting is when one man is trying to get a girl into his bed while in the same area as his friend, his friend (if he is a White Knight) will typically attempt to disperse the conversation by presenting his chivalrous words such as: "Have some respect for women, Johnny" or "Miss, he's just trying to get laid" while simultaneously attempting to get laid himself by showing respect to the women. A White Knight will never act chivalrous when he is not around another guy.
Jim: Hey babe, you wanna go back to my place? I'll make you some food.
Lancelot: Jim, your just trying to sleep with her, I see this every time we go out
Girl: Excuse me? I'm not a slut. (leaves)
Jim: What the hell Lancelot, quit your White Knighting, I was about to get laid.
Lancelot: Dude I know! We should totally go out again tomorrow! I'm about to get that girls number, she's totally into me.
by Lord_Edward October 27, 2009
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When a male, preferably after sex, stands before a kneeling female, whom he preferably just had sex with, and cums on both of her shoulders before declaring her a "knight of the white table." The more cum used, the better.
Male: "Yeah, I brought her back, fucked her, then white knighted her."
Friend: "Ah, always great to see a new addition to the white table. White knighting for the win!"
by Matty Moran the Man February 28, 2012
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