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A small town in Illinois dominated by tyrannical Superintendents, corrupt principals, hillbillies, purple Indian feathers, rising home subdivisions, groups of friends with names, and school teachers that entertain themselves by annihilating their student's futures.
"Do you know where Mascoutah is?" "Oh, the place with the McDonalds? Yea, its over there somewhere behind all those old trailers and backwoods."
by MascoUtah January 04, 2010

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A delicious pasta dish one can cook to make a man cheat on his girl. This particular dish was put into question when featured on the Maury show.
"I know shes seducing my man with the Chicken Tetrazinni! She comes up in my house, cookin him Chicken Tetrazinni. Does he want her and the Chicken Tetrazinni?" -Alycia
by MascoUtah January 07, 2010

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A sugary confection one can purchase at a Ghetto Mall. Also a slang term for crack.
"Need some christmas lights? Get a McCookie, get a recipe shirt fo yo cousin pookie. Shoppin at the gh-g-g-g-ghetto malls shoppin at the gh-g-g-g-ghetto malls." -Ghetto Mall by Comedian Rickey Smiley
by MascoUtah January 06, 2010

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Using a Twitter account to snitch on people.
Chris Brown was totally twitching on Lil Wayne about the New Years Eve party violence.
by MascoUtah January 07, 2010

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