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Where several guys go out to spy out women.
"I went bird watching but only saw a few dogs"
by D-BUCK March 05, 2005
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To swallow a man's ejaculate.
Think of the birds that visit San Juan Capistrano every year (hint: they are swallows).
Jay: Have you been with that girl at the club yet?
Bob: Not yet. Does she birdwatch?
by Renee November 12, 2003
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Constantly checking on Twitter.
Sarah was bird watching so much last night in hope of knowing about the Kardashians' latest love affairs. Even though no one really gives a fuck.
by swag14 October 20, 2011
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The act of going to any public place and acting like an ass to see how many people will flip you off, before you leave.
Man I got so bored that I went down to walmart ,to go bird watching. I handed out pro abortion pamphlets. I saw 12 birds.
by Baron Chill Predictor Of Death February 03, 2011
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