The definition of a Twitch : A chick that has intentions on turning friends or family members against each other so that in the end she gets exactly what she wants and no one is in the way to stop her.They're really good at controlling men.But in the end the Twitch doesn't know what she wants, and when shes done draining the fun out of the man she loves, she eventually leaves him. In result he has nothing and no one to talk to anymore. Bell Biv DeVoe tried to explain this in there song Poison.With the famous words "NEVER TRUST A BIG BUTT AND A SMILE"
Thomas : Since Jason has been dating Jessica he hasn't spoken to us in months, I wonder why ?

Carl : Shes hot, but most likely shes a Twitch and shes telling him awful shit about us

(3 Weeks later)

Jason : I should have never listened to that girl now I have nothing.And no one wants to talk to me.
by EvilGirlsAre3vil May 08, 2011
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another word for "shit" or "whack"
widely used in the hood
"twitch" is a gangsta expression mainly used around harlem and the bronx.
"dude that car is twitch, its a fucking tin can!"

"thats messed up man, totally twitch"

Girl; I've lost my phone
Boy; Awh man thats twitch
by al strikaldinho July 27, 2009
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a twitch is when an attractive woman/male walks buy and the first reaction you can do is make a "twitch" or spasm like movement. this is normally associated with a person you find extremely attractive
yo she just made me twitch
by the inventor 2.0 May 02, 2011
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What an individual becomes afflicted with through excessive participation in the culture of Twitch chat, causing a compulsion of using twitch emotes in verbal conversation, often to an annoying degree. The person may start using these as a replacement for emotional expression or punctuation in their everyday speech, the rest of their speech becoming bland and monotone.
Person 1: Man, Joey's been saying Poggers or KEKW after every other sentence, I'm getting worried about him.
Person 2: Sounds like he's got a case of the Twitches.
by Ridder Riddington July 04, 2020
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Twitch is the world's leading video platform in the term of having thots and community for tier 3 simps.
Me : Yo dude did you hear about twitch?
Friend : Wtf are you, a simp?
by Skrinner August 15, 2020
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