1) to hold a public argument (beef) via Twitter tweets or Facebook status updates.
They've been tweefing the last few days...let's hope they don't take it offline.
by lukezra April 20, 2009
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Another word for semen when it's expelled onto the breasts.
Example 1: Max likes tits covered in tweef.

Example 2: Max tweefed last night.
by tweeflover1396 February 20, 2010
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when you fight on twitter or 'beef' on twitter with someone you call it tweef

(beef + twitter = tweef)
man did you see the tweef by (...) and (...)?
by pastelforphil October 26, 2016
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Bissshh did you just tweef??#
Lil tweefing a** b**** i aint messing wit yuh
Girl do you ever wonder if strippers tweef??
by KellyTheSolution January 07, 2015
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Tara couldn't get anything done at work today. After a long night, she was tweefing all day.
by monabonejakon October 20, 2017
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Term to describe an online twitter beef.
Once again, (insert artist name) and (insert artist name) exchanged comments in a heated tweef today….
by djeclyps September 03, 2013
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