Beefing over Twitter, Starting drama or problems over Twitter
You a lame anyway for tweefing over the social network
by ATRAINexpress November 27, 2011
1) to hold a public argument (beef) via Twitter tweets or Facebook status updates.
They've been tweefing the last few days...let's hope they don't take it offline.
by lukezra April 20, 2009
Another word for semen when it's expelled onto the breasts.
Example 1: Max likes tits covered in tweef.

Example 2: Max tweefed last night.
by tweeflover1396 February 21, 2010
when you fight on twitter or 'beef' on twitter with someone you call it tweef

(beef + twitter = tweef)
man did you see the tweef by (...) and (...)?
by pastelforphil October 26, 2016
Bissshh did you just tweef??#
Lil tweefing a** b**** i aint messing wit yuh
Girl do you ever wonder if strippers tweef??
by KellyTheSolution January 7, 2015
Tara couldn't get anything done at work today. After a long night, she was tweefing all day.
by monabonejakon October 20, 2017
Term to describe an online twitter beef.
Once again, (insert artist name) and (insert artist name) exchanged comments in a heated tweef today….
by djeclyps September 3, 2013