girlf: shes a twatte.
boyf: yes they are a bit of a twatte!
by willybum July 28, 2011
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... (n.)if you don't know that a "twatt" is the proper term for vagina then what the hell is wrong with you?
(adj.)funny, disgusting, or also could be dirty/messy, something that reminds you of a vagina
(v.)to enter something into the vaginal canal; masturbation; thrusting an object in the vagina
(n.)I'm sorry guys, I have to itch my twatt.
(adj.)Her hair was twatt today.
(v.)Bill, you might not want to touch that pencil I left on your desk, I twatted it last night after you left the office.
by Annie March 01, 2005
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a cooking appliance used to cook wordwaffels/word or oddly shaped wordtoast/word, beckons to steal your wordcutlery/word. Also used as transportation to foreign contries
I licky-lickyeed the twat so it stole my cutlery and.. broke my window. And then it went to france for some wordfreedome fries/word
by DarkFoxFurre May 12, 2003
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Jessica: so mike what do you like to do for fun?
then suddenly Lisa comes from across the bar
Lisa: so Jessica how's your aids?
Jessica: Ugh total twatt swatter
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a vagina that excretes a syrup like substance and resembles a waffle
Barbra Walters, Hillary Clinton, Dick Chaney, Hitler, Chucky Cheese, Cher,are all twatt waffles
by Cuntmiester Flex May 03, 2009
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