The art of being exceptionally twat-like. Usually this role is filled by someone who is unaware of their obnoxious, clingy, and overall bitchy attitude and personality. Such girls are commonly running late to work/school, browsing forever 21, wearing leggings in the dead of winter, and dancing on tables to Lady Gaga.
Jenna's twaty attitude was getting on my nerves!

Anne is is being really twaty, so i am going to punch her in the face.
by dj2 February 15, 2009
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Where an idiot annoys you, basically the behaviour of a twat
There is a hint of twatiness in that statement.
by Bathrugby35 July 03, 2014
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Another way to say a hottie but it only applies for girls . Only stupid people say this
Dang Jerold look over there at that twatie”.
by I live alone with 3 cats February 07, 2018
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The sexual act in which a female sits on their partners face and rides on it with such ferocity that it brakes his/her nose
What happened to David's nose ? Oh he spent the night with Jennifer and she twaty balboa'd tbe shit out of him!
by Rad O Carl August 06, 2017
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Girl: Were hot so we mine as well own it. Not to be twaty or anything
by Kenlary October 18, 2010
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