A large store where you can buy cute clothes for cheap. They have loads of jewelry and sunglasses. Their clothes are either tight or slightly baggy, but it is a very nice store with great security. I would know. I fainted there onec, and they brought me water, and 6 policemen. I'm sure if they fainted in Abercrombie they'd just sort of shrug and push me into a dressing room so they wouldn't have to deal with it.
This shirt is really cute. It costs $12.80 at Forever 21, but I'm sure it would have cost $32 at Hollister!
by Emily75431 August 30, 2006
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a store found in most malls with a variety of fashionable clothes for less, similar to H&M. Forever 21 has many fashion items for different style types, such as preppy, punk, and retro. It sells tops, dresses, sweaters, outerwear, jeans, intimates, shoes, jewelery, makeup, and more, as well as a new clothing line for men.
I just went to Forever 21, and bought a bunch of cute stuff for cheap!
by Laughingout_loud August 15, 2010
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A very well-lit store that is found in a lot of big malls. The clothes are very pretty, and usually somewhat inexpensive. All the clothes are made for people that are (in my opinion) under a size 5, have no hips or but whatsoever, and enjoy showing their heavily busted chest. That's why I buy their skirts!

Most of the clothes are actually shirts, most of the time over-decorated, but hey... someone's gotta give nice stuff for cheap!
I just went to Forever 21 last weekend... no wonder they sell sunglasses! It's so friggin' bright in their! MY EYES!
by Pretty Emily March 19, 2005
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Huge, nice looking, somewhat disorganized clothing store found in malls. So huge that it's painful to look for something you like. Carries some cute clothing, but everything seems to be sized to fit starving toddlers or it's COVERED in sequins.
A shirt with Yoshi on the front I recently purchased from Forever XXI. Size M, feels like XS.
by - March 24, 2005
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An ah-mazing store for girls ages 12 - 28. It ranges from cheap but beautiful good quality jewelry, sunglasses, scarves, skirts, jeans, shirts (both graphic and classic, etc) - all for very cheap.
Follower: OMGeee I love that shirt! Where'd you get it?
Trendsetter: Forever 21 for ten bucks! Unlike your Hollister shirt for 40 bucks that looks like a bunch of other shirts at Abercrombie and American Eagle!
Follower: (dazed) What?
Trendsetter: Nothing!
by vern the fern February 23, 2011
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Clothing store that sells clothing of poor quality. All the clothes were made in third world countries using cheap labor. The clothes look cute on the rack but once they are tried on, they look odd and ill fitting. None of their smalls are actually small enough for a petite person to look good in. The clothes also do not make bigger girls look slimming without having them swimming in an overly large shirt.

The clothes seem trendy but that is because the store follows a trend then buys tons of that type of clothing. (think plaid dresses and colorblock dresses) They can then sell them for cheap because they got the bad quality clothing for really cheap. Girls that follow fashion trends (most girls do) will go there and think wow I can get this in-fashion dress for only 19.80? but little do they know that all of their friends already bought that exact dress in a different color. So they end up looking exactly like all the other girls in school. And ended up wasting 20 bucks on a dress of very poor material and quality.

If someone is looking to be trendy, going to other stores may be a bit more expensive, but definitely worth it for the better quality clothing.

Some girls may think that if they shop at forever 21, people will think they are trendy but they will simply look like a girl that has no personal style and simply follows the major trends. If someone is really ahead of fashion they will have already bought a certain piece of clothing before that style has even reached the late forever 21 stores.
Forever 21 is like the cheapo quality version of better shops. For example Urban outfitters is of much better quality and you won't end up looking like all the other girls in school.
jessica: haha, look at her dress. 4 girls in my class have that exact dress.

melanie: Yeah, her purse and ring are from there too. Ha Her whole outfit is from there. She thinks she looks trendy but if she really wanted a plaid dress she should have gotten it from a different store. One that tons of girls don't frequent too often. It might have been a little more expensive at another store but it would have been worth it because the quality would be much better. Plus she wouldn't look like she lives at forever 21.
by smartshopper August 6, 2009
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a ridiculously run store with cheap clothing quality. they mistreat their workers and have the worst return policy ever invented. It's impossible to find anything in the store and if you order online it'll take over a week and a half to get to you and if you want to return it you have to pay to ship it back, or bring it in and only get a store credit.
forever 21 is the worst store ever run
by goteam February 22, 2010
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