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A crude pot smoking device made out of a bottle, tape, bag and a socket
Orange ... dude, pull me another turbine
by king! September 19, 2008
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when your giving someone a blowjob on a plane, and you hit turbulance and the cock goes down the throat multiple times
Alex: "dude that girl was giving me a bj and we got turbines".
Freddy: "Yo nice".
by that guy 13245 April 06, 2011
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I'm sorry, I'm sick of nobody knowing anything. A turbine is a rotary device which converts kinetic fluid energy into mechanical energy. This INCLUDES windmills, also known as WIND TURBINES. A moving fluid (steam, air, water, oil, gas) strikes the blades of a turbine which are mounted on a common shaft and causes the shaft to turn. A turbine can be the Francis wheel of a dam's power station, it can be the rotor of a "windmill" at Altamont Pass, it can be the exhaust-driven wheel in your car's turbocharger which spins the compressor, it can be part of a jet engine. Your car's automatic transmission has a turbine in it; the impeller in the torque converter driven by the engine forces oil against the blades of a turbine, causing it to turn and driving the rest of the car's driveline.
Windmills aren't turbines! I'm a sidewalk drunk.
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A machine where the kinetic energy of matter is converted to mechanical power by the impulse or reaction of the matter with a series of buckets, paddles, or blades located around the circumference of a wheel or cylinder...... Also, Pianos and Organs are the same shit.
"I'm sorry, I'm sick of nobody knowing anything. I am the turbine know-it-all because I have my building operator ticket & watch a hot water heater all day." - The Rev. Eighty-Eight Fingers Butler
by M Dogg August 17, 2006
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