I'm sorry, I'm sick of nobody knowing anything. A turbine is a rotary device which converts kinetic fluid energy into mechanical energy. This INCLUDES windmills, also known as WIND TURBINES. A moving fluid (steam, air, water, oil, gas) strikes the blades of a turbine which are mounted on a common shaft and causes the shaft to turn. A turbine can be the Francis wheel of a dam's power station, it can be the rotor of a "windmill" at Altamont Pass, it can be the exhaust-driven wheel in your car's turbocharger which spins the compressor, it can be part of a jet engine. Your car's automatic transmission has a turbine in it; the impeller in the torque converter driven by the engine forces oil against the blades of a turbine, causing it to turn and driving the rest of the car's driveline.
Windmills aren't turbines! I'm a sidewalk drunk.
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A crude pot smoking device made out of a bottle, tape, bag and a socket
Orange ... dude, pull me another turbine
by king! September 19, 2008
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A fully functioning part of an MMORPG that is broken by inept developers upon release of new content that should otherwise have no effect on what was broken.

The expected and normal occurrence for players of a Boston based Online Game development company when players encounter a a fix to the game that breaks 4 things for every one it fixes.

Broken fucking content in your fucking game that had nothing to do with the content they released, yet somehow they broke it because they won't pull the boss's dick out of their mouth long enough to stand up and tell him the content is broken.

Game developers that are more fucking interested in making junk and broken code because they are apparently attempting to code a game when they are fucking drunk and/or too busy T bagging their Executive producer to make sure they don't break anything unrelated to their work.
I just tried to gather my loot, but they turbined the chest and it won't open.

They turbined the forums again, you can't log in.

There should be no real way to break the online store, but they turbined it again.

Oh awesome! Another game update with 7 new quests! Too bad 6 of them have been turbined and have been turned off.
by slag6 May 03, 2013
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the state of being extremely high and/or stoned.
ex. I'am so totally turbin, dude.
ex. Bro, you're fuckin turbin.
ex. We were totally turbin last night.
by Stonii McSmokesolottapota July 15, 2011
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(v) - Taking a seven year old music system and revamping it in such a way that it breaks the volume balance between instruments, breaks the sound quality of individual instruments and renders the ability to play large ensemble pieces largely impossible.

To be Turbined is to have your transcribed songs *trashed* due to someone's bright idea to release half-assed code into the live game you are still wacky enough to pay for.

Turbined - the best way to kill a game.
"They Turbined the music system even though we begged them not to release this crap into live gameplay!"

"The devs Turbined themselves when they released a brokeass music system, evidenced by how many players have decided to leave."

"When the musicians were Turbined, a lot of them cancelled their VIP subscriptions."
by Fionwyn November 16, 2014
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A machine where the kinetic energy of matter is converted to mechanical power by the impulse or reaction of the matter with a series of buckets, paddles, or blades located around the circumference of a wheel or cylinder...... Also, Pianos and Organs are the same shit.
"I'm sorry, I'm sick of nobody knowing anything. I am the turbine know-it-all because I have my building operator ticket & watch a hot water heater all day." - The Rev. Eighty-Eight Fingers Butler
by M Dogg August 17, 2006
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