when someone makes a typo when writing idk

also means penis
Mary: what would go well with my skirt?
John: dik
John: *idk
Mary: *slaps with purse*
by hungryhungryhippo5132 November 4, 2010
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a retard that didn't spell dick right
"hey suck my dik"
"lol you didn't even type it right you fucking 5 year old
by Wumpuss May 16, 2020
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This is a online word for "dick" and its mostly used when you are online dating in roblox and you are getting dat boy so you ask for some dik
Hey want sum dik

Hey want dik

Hey girl want sum dik

Im a idiot that has no reputation so ima ask for dik
by ChocolateWaffles September 24, 2017
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An uncircumcised dick. Basically you can remove the letter 'c' from dick as it stands for 'circumcised'.
Jen and Melissa texting:

Jen: Hey Melissa I just had sex with Dave!
Melissa: Hey girl, I am happy for ya... How was it?
Jen: It was great, just that it was my first dik.
Melissa: Seriously? You never had one before?
Jen: No, I always had dicks, and I find them cleaner tho.
Melissa: Oh I love diks more than dicks lol
Jen: Gotta go wash my mouth... ttyl
Melissa: xx
by jimissobored December 1, 2014
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similar to dick, but with added abusive tone
Chris, you're such a dik
by Rob P March 27, 2003
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An antelope that lives in Africa. Pronounced "xylophone".
That dik-dik sure has a big dick!
by hossaim July 24, 2013
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