when a guy sticks his balls in a girls ass while fucking her
I tug boated that hoe last night.
by DevRev October 01, 2007
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(v) To get a hand job on the bow of a cruise ship.
A tug boat in in the tradition of the "mile-high club". This favor has to be done in a common area.
by Jam Cruiseer January 31, 2009
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a form of pleasing ones self usually male but in the event of an oversized clit can be performed on a woman
I gave myself a tug boat 15 times yesterday! My penis hurts so bad now.
by tug boat January 05, 2009
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While outboarding a man, you give them a reach around or handjob.
My gym teacher let me skip ourn fitness test because I gave him a tugboat, and I think it was a fair trade.
by fatwreck138 February 28, 2009
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1. A person of short stature that has a little extra in the belly area there for resembling the small but powerful aquatic vessel from which they get the name.

2. A person who enjoys giving hand jobs.
Jeff "The Tugboat" got his nickname from the fact that he closely resembles a tugboat.

Jeff keeps his job because he is a tugboat.
by tabb9512 October 08, 2009
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The one friend that every one has. That acts like he is slow but he really isn't and laughs at every thing that makes no sense.
Stanly "Last night was fucking nuts"

Ryan " hahahaha yo, that was SO SICK!"

Stanly "fucking tugboat"
by Flat Stanly November 29, 2011
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