Sam asked his girl friend if he could go tug boating, but was denied because she just had mexican food....
by ohohface247 June 9, 2012
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An extremely fat blunt created by combining 4 Swisher Giant Blunts into one, which requires combining all of the wraps together. It is re-rolled with marijuana and it is usually done so with high grade marijuana.

It can only be smoked and bragged about with 4 people or less. Any more than that and you lose all bragging privileges for your friends.

Terminology is especially common in Southeast, Wi
Yo man, when we finish this Tug Boat I'm going to be high for the next week.

Hell yeah, we'll be in outer space.
by Steve Vandernagger March 11, 2010
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When one buries his/her face in the ass crack of another person and shakes their head back and forth while making a motor sound with their lips. Very close cousin to the Motor Boat.
Did you see her ass?? I'd Tug Boat that in a heartbeat!
by tugboatin November 17, 2012
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a fat chick who drags you home despite your protests and subjects you to great fat sex all night
Tug Boat Annie brought her 319 pounds down on me in more ways than 3 that night, I was sexually exhausted by sunrise
by Jake March 8, 2004
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The act of one gay male pressing his face into another gay mans buttocks and shaking his face left to right in an erratic way.
Waco - Our Waiter sure does have a nice ass...

Mariano - Damn, I sure would like to tug boat that!

Waco - Tug Boating for you tonight!

Mariano - or hopefully an alligator fuckhouse
by HomoNinja! August 16, 2011
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The act of masterbation to a man whilst he is walking. Tug boating
Hey Ash, Would you mind tug boating me down the street since it's dark?

Sure, I have no beef with that. Don't worry my tug boating skills have excelled since the last late night walk we had.
by JB YO January 18, 2011
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similar to the moterboat instead of the tits your doing the same prosses to the ass.
by Jason Gravens August 10, 2007
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