Term used when putting your index finger and thumb together to form a circular-shaped hole and then asking your partner, friend, roommate, stranger, or family member (for those in Arkansas) to put their finger(s) through...

The gesture symbolizes unity between two people by 'connecting' them in a common sexual-innuendo.
Jonathan: *makes circular hole with hands* "put it through brah?"
Alec: *inserts finger between hole, moving in and out slowly* "Anytime bro, anytime"

Jonathan: *creates circular hole by touching his index finger to the tip of his thumb* "Wassup Aash? PUT IT THROUGH?"
Aash: *pulls hands away completely* "No, I won't do that, you're my brother for gods sake!"
by Asswhole_with_a_dubya November 17, 2010
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1. Sticking your dick in the girl's vagina.
2. Shooting a person, preferablly a woman, in the chest.
That girl is so hot that I think I'm going to be putting one through her in a couple minutes.

I put one through her for being an asshole.
by DYLANNNNNNNNNNNN. April 10, 2006
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A popular phrase used in 'F is for Family'.
**Frank:** I need you two to play nice, and don't get into any trouble. *(to Bill)* And I am putting you in charge of your sister today. You got that?

**Bill:** Yep.

**Frank:** Okay, if anything bad happens to her, I want you to call me at work. Okay, buddy?

**Bill:** Sure, dad.

**Frank:** Good. 'Cause then, I will come right home, and I will put you through that fucking wall.
by IgnasAntans July 18, 2020
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The act of forcibly inserting a nine iron into your lover's rectum and extracting fecal matter and blood. Much like a golf course, you know it's time to move onto the next hole when you get to the green stuff at the end.
Yeah man, I was putting through the rough last night. Let's just say that Tiger Woods isn't the only man Scarlet admires for their skills with a nine iron anymore.
by Niggslayer December 01, 2006
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