Yiddish word for posterior, ass, heiny, tushie, butt, booty, gluteus maximus.
Linda Richman: "Oy vey! Did you see the tuchus on THAT mensch?!"

Al Bernay: "You really are a tuchus-lips, ass-breath."
by cake December 22, 2003
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The definitive spelling of a word meaning one's rear end, bottom, derriere, behind, hiney, butt.
She has a nice tuchus.
by Zarathustra #9 March 21, 2019
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An instrument consisting of your ass as it is making noises pleasing to the ear (to some).
After eating some beans, she is now playing a tune on her tuchus trombone.
by Q1KSLVR April 11, 2009
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Be nice, or I'll give you a potch in tuchus.
by bluetigerman August 14, 2020
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Pronounced "TOOK-us OY-f'n tish." Many variant spellings. Literally "ass on the table," it's a Yiddish phrase meaning a serious atmosphere for talk or negotiation. Closest US-English equivalents are probably "No BS" or "(Let's get down to) brass tacks." Often used in a tone of exasperation. Generally recommended for use within members of the same sex.
"Elliot, come into the dining room. We need to make travel plans NOW or they won't get done."

"But Uncle Bernie, the game starts in half an hour."

"Plenty of time if you stop fooling around. Cmon: tuchus oyfn tish."
by al-in-chgo December 24, 2013
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