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1) Last name originated from Venice, Italy.

2) A person with very beautiful and/or sexy physical features. The male known to be Alpha. The women tend to be dominant. People adore "Tucci". They also have kickass personalities, very unique I would say. This person doesn't tolerate shit from anyone. They are not heartless, but they use their hearts, less than others. Cold blooded and vindictive when needed, but needless to say very loving, caring and some may be full of adoration.
GUY 1 - "That nigga Tucci is crazy yo! He dead ass just slit her throat!"
GUY 2 - "He's ALPHA!!! He can do that yo!"

GUY 1 - "DAAYYUMM Tucci! You lookin' fly as ever"
by tuccmeister August 18, 2011
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